Hyderabad: Upcoming hero Raj Tarun on Saturday reacted to the rumors on his marriage with a TV anchor in his satirical way! The Kumari 21F, Uyyaala Jampaala, Aado Rakam Eedo Rakam, Cinema Chupista Mama hero posted on his facebook page saying he saw the anchor Laasya with whom the rumors linked him only once at an audio release function.

“Thank you media friends and website publishers for making my marriage with Laasya who I met only once in Kumari 21F audio release function.

My sarcasm may hurt you people for so harsh

I am sorry for the sarcasm but I couldn’t figure out how else can I respond to all these weird, ridiculour yet very funny rumours. I have no intention of getting married at least for another three years and I am definitely not in a situation where I need to elope. I will surely let everyone know when I get married.

Thank you very much everyone who paid a bit of their attention and time towards this baseless rumour and I am extremely sorry to everyone who has no idea about that rumour and read all this (for wasting your time).”

It may be recalled that some reports appeared in online and offline media stated Raj Tarun elped with Laasya and they got married last week.