Tips To Protect Children From Sexual Predators

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Gone are the days where young women were asked to be vigilant from sexual predators. Even a one-year-old girl child needs protection as much as an adult does. If Nirbhaya rape case caused nation-wide outrage, then the recent Unnao and Kathua cases, too, evoked the same reaction seeking stern action against the accused.

At a time when such crimes are on the rise, parents and guardians need to take steps to make the child more aware of such monsters in the guise of innocent people.

1. Trust The Child

More often than not, parents or guardians don’t take their children seriously, when they complain about an issue. Instead they brush the matter aside. This approach makes your child helpless. Try to understand that your child approaches you first.

2. Educating the Child

Parents need to know that talking about sexual abuse to children is important. Children should be taught about proper and improper touch. They should also be taught that even parents too, have limitations.

3. Counseling

Children just like adults have severe trauma to recover from the situation. In such cases, visiting a therapist or a counselling session may help them recover soon.

4. Act Against The Suspect

If you get hold of the suspect then take action immediately approaching police, even if this means going against your near and dear ones. Feeling intimidated by the idea of shame will only embolden the predator.

5. Abnormal Behaviour

Many children are hesitant to approach their parents in spite of being educated on the issue of sexual abuse. During that phase, they might blabber in sleep, for instance.

6. Watch Out For Predators

The sexual offenders could be familiar to the child and could even be from the same neighbourhood. Watch out for people who lure children.

7. Be Aware Of Child’s Circle of Friends

Guardians should be aware of their child’s group–who they meet and spend time with.

8. Create Awareness

Try to reach out to NGOs or other groups to spread awareness.

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