Tips To Brighten Up Your Home For Ganesh Chaturthi  

Let colour, light and fragrance energise your home - Sakshi Post

Mumbai, Sep 2: This Ganesh Chaturthi let colour, light and fragrance energise your home, says an expert.

Ram Mehrotra, Vice President, Sales and Marketing, Decorative Paints, Kansai Nerolac Paints Limited, suggests ideas to uplift your home decor.

Add sparkle to the festivities: All that glitters may not be gold but it will certainly add glamour so experiment with a glitter finish paint on your walls this festive season.

Don’t stop at just doing up your walls but feel free to add hints of glitter finish paint on balconies, windows, metallic and wooden furniture including home exteriors as well. Subtle highlights in analogous colours hint at delicate and ornate detailing while contrasting shades capture one’s attention instantly.

For instance, consider pairing sunset gold highlights with red walls; to make a bold statement or consider pairing contrasting colours such as timeless gold and white. Using gold, silver and their various shades will not only give your room a festive look but will add an elegant appeal that lasts all through the year.

Let lighting take the lead: A pop of colour feels like a must during festivals. Most of us use a wide range of lighting products from spotlights to rice lights around the house.

Select lights with care because the right combination of lighting and colours can completely transform your room. Review your home decor and lighting at different times of the day to ensure that it matches the mood and tone you have in mind.

Dull and muted lights help create a warm, cosy feel but only recessed or muted lighting around your Ganpati pandal at home will hide all the effort and detailing you may have put into decorating.

Consider the placement of elements like diyas in your home along with electric lighting so it works in tandem to create an appealing aura.

Go green: This festive season, make green choices for a healthier tomorrow, whether it is choosing decorations or your Lord Ganesh idol. Choose an eco-friendly idol painted with aqua-safe paints that are bio-degradable hence, will not harm aquatic life when it is immersed.

Additionally, when decorating your home, you can use recycled items, real plants and natural materials to bring home the beauty of the outdoors and spruce up your interiors elegantly.

Welcome visitors with fragrant colour: Flowers are an important part of celebrations during Indian festivals. Be it a sprinkle of flower petals or as garlands to adorn the pooja area they are omnipresent and keep the mandir or pandal area fresh.

Since red and yellow resonate the most with this festival consider using petals from rose, hibiscus and marigold to decorate your home this Ganesh Chaturthi.

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