Thousands of Acres of Cultivated Land Submerged

Thousands of Acres of Cultivated Land Submerged - Sakshi Post

Thousands of acres of cultivated lands in Rayalaseema region were submerged due to incessant rains for more than four days.

The damage to crops is estimated to be in hundreds of crores of rupees.

Nellore: Three people died due to electrocution while two others were washed away as flood water ravaged several areas of Nellore district. Farmers reported more than 500 livestock being washed away from various parts of the district.

YSR Kadapa: In YSR Kadapa district alone, the crop loss and damage to roads is estimated above Rs 20 crore.

Anantapur: Groundnut crops was severely damaged in the floods that affected Ananatapur district. Hundreds of acres of standing crop was submerged with flood water.

Chittoor: Seven people lost their lives so far due to the floods in the district. Crop loss is reported from some mandals in the district.

CM Reviews Flood Situation: Chief minister N Chandrababu has been reviewing the flood situation from time to time via teleconferences with district collectors of Nellore, Chittoor, Kadapa and Prakasam. He sought a report from the district officials on crop loss due to the floods.

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