This Star Wants To Do A Nude Photoshoot

Kim Kardashian - Sakshi Post

Reality TV star Kim Kardashian says she wants to do a nude photoshoot to show off her post-baby body.

There were rumours that Kim is planning a nude photoshoot "after wasting away on extreme diet". The 36-year-old "Keeping Up With the Kardashians" star set the record straight in her "Facts" segment posted on her official app, reports "This had been my dream, for people to think that I'm so, like, fit," Kim said. "Just because when you work so hard you want people to see a difference. So, didn't think about it. But now that you say it I for sure should do a nude photo shoot," she added.

Kim also cleared up the air about her "rivalry" with Kylie Jenner and demanding a "massive pay raise for 'Keeping Up With the Kardashians' after a jealous blowout" with her youngest sister. She said: "False. What blowout? And no. I see a lot of stuff about Kylie. Her and I are competing or like that her and I you knowÂ…but we both love make-up so much and there's just never been a competition. I think her and I see eye to eye the most out of anyone. We're like the most alike so there's absolutely no competition whatsoever."

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