This Man Survives With 2 Hearts!

The 45-year-old man has two beating hearts - Sakshi Post

Coimbatore: A Kerala man is the first in the country to have two hearts. The man underwent a three-and-a-half hour surgery for heart transplantation and instead of replacing, the new one was connected to the existing heart so that it takes in the pressure.

The doctor who operated on the 45-year-old man observed that the old heart was functioning only 10 per cent of its full capacity. And even if it is replaced by the new one, it won’t be in a position to handle the pressure.

The new heart was placed at the right side and doctor said that this man is “genetically fascinating”

"We found that his lung pressure and lung resistance were extremely high. In such a condition, the newly grafted heart usually fails because it will not be able to overcome the lung pressure," said Dr Prashanth Vaijyanath, who performed the surgery at Kovai Medical Centre in Coimbatore.

The new heart was placed on the right side and the doctor said that this man is "genetically fascinating" as he has xy chromosomes but also xx chromosomes, as the new heart was obtained from a dead woman.

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