This Couple announces Rs 20000 for their missing pet

This Couple announces Rs 20000 for their missing pet - Sakshi Post

Karimnagar: We know of adverts offering money if someone helps locating missing persons.But, a Karimnagar resident is offering Rs 20000 for locating his missing dog.

A man named Pangal has put up posters all over Karimnagar promising Rs 20000 to anyone who helps locate his German Shepherd. Called Thambi, the canine went to missing 40 days ago. “It went out early in the morning as usual to attend nature’s call but never returned," Pangal said

Pangal has made many efforts to find his dog. He has even spent Rs 15,000 on the printing of posters. He even circulated dog's picture on WhatsApp and other social media. He further advertised about missing dog on a local channel by paying Rs 5,000 for five consequent days.

Pangal, native of Tamil Nadu has migrated to Karimnagar 10 years ago, who works as a general manager at a granite quarry. Pangal got married three years but the couple has been childless.

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