This Chinese Teaches You How To Make Your Own IPhone 6s From Spare Parts

Scotty Allen - Sakshi Post

China: A man makes iPhone 6s from the spare parts which he bought from China Screencap, a scratch selling company.

Scotty Allen, a software engineer from Shenzhen, China formerly employed in Silicon Valley. He developed his own iPhone from scratch using only spare parts bought from China. Allen chose to make an iPhone 6S out of a spirit of adventure. He bought all of the necessary parts from local vendors in Huaqianbgai, Shenzhen, which is known as a major electronics manufacturing hub.

The project took a couple of months and it is easy to assemble an iphone, he said. " The most difficult part was to solder the logic board, so I ended up in buying a new one," he added. He build the iphone with 16GB memory and uploaded the instructive video in Youtube.

Alen said that a self-constructed iPhone could cost around 300dollars. "I spent well over 1,000dollars, but a lot of that was parts and tools I didn't end up needing. I could say it's probably around 300dollars worth of parts in the actual phone," he said.

The finished iPhone 6s is said to be fully functional, he said. He uploaded the video "how I made my new iphone" on Youtube.

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