This Animal Cruelty in Hidden Camera Footage Will Tear You Apart 

This animal cruelty in hidden camera footage will tear you apart - Sakshi Post

A video of an undercover operation that exposed the harsh reality of animal torture has gone viral. In the video, pig farms are shown in a heartbreaking never-seen-before situation where most piglets are born in a filthy place inside giant dark warehouses. Piglets who don't grow fast enough are killed by slamming their heads hard into the ground or by being gassed to death. Chicks that never lay eggs are of no use to the egg industry so they drop them alive and fully conscious into a giant grinding machine at just a few days old.

Chickens and turkeys have been genetically manipulated to grow so fast that some of them suffer heart attacks and crippling pain. Young, sick or injured hens get no attention and they die slowly.

The video operation was undertaken by Cody Carlson, who is now running a campaign: I Pledge To Go Vegetarian on

Watch the video that depicts sheer cruelty:

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