Thief in guard's clothes loots ATM in Amalapuram

Thief in guard's clothes loots ATM in Amalapuram - Sakshi Post

A thief, dressed as security guard, duped a gullible ATM user in Amalapuram yesterday.

According to the police, the thief dressed as a security guard waited outside an ATM, while a person identified as Kollapuri of Billavari village struggle to withdraw money from the ATM. Unable to withdraw, he sought the help of the thief, who was in the guise of a security guard. The thief asked for the password, which Kollapuri revealed to him unsuspectingly.

Later, the thief made a show of inserting the ATM card and told him that there was some problem with the card. While giving back the card, he cleverly changed the card and kept the original card with him. Kollapuri, who was given a fake card, tried in vain to withdraw money from other ATMs and finally went to the bank to lodge a complaint. It was there that he was told that an amount of Rs 40000 was already withdrawn from his account from the ATM that he first used.

It dawned on him that the thief  had withdrawn the money using the original ATM card that he kept with him. The police are on the lookout for the culprit. 



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