They got their mother married to her lover!

The lovers were reunited after 32 years! - Sakshi Post

Kerala: In a heart-warming story of reunion, two daughters got their mother married to her long lost lover.

Aathira Dathan and Ashley got their mother, Anitha Chembuvilayil (52), married to Vikraman (68) and reunited the lovers whose story began 32 years ago. In 1984, Anitha was studying in class 10 at Ochira, near Kollam. Vikraman was a teacher at a tuition centre, and also a member of the CPI (M). He used to meet Anitha often at party events. They promptly fell in love.

Vikraman and Anitha with daughters Aathira and Ashley.

However, Anitha’s father was against the marriage and intimidated her into giving up on the relationship. She was later married off to another man chosen by her family. Vikraman moved to another place, Chavara, and pursued his political interests with no family or relationships. When Anitha’s daughter Aathira was just 8-years old, her father got drunk and killed himself.

Years later, Vikraman came back to Ochira and the local political party asked him to contest in the panchayat polls and during the campaign he met Anitha again. When Anitha’s daughters came to know of their story, they wanted her to get married and be happy. After all, their mother had toiled hard for their upbringing.

The two daughters, then consulted friends and neighbours about their decision. Close friends, neighbours, the party and a very few relatives supported Aathira and Ashley in their decision. On July 21, Vikraman married Anitha in her house, in the presence of friends, relatives and ofcourse Anitha’s father, now 82 years old.

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