There's a Jr NTR at Tirupati children's prison

There's a Jr NTR at Tirupati children's prison - Sakshi Post

In the film 'Student No. 1', hero Jr NTR earns his law degree being in jail and becomes the proud son of his father. But that was a reel story.

Here's a similar story from real life. A Chittoor resident Naveen, who's serving a jail sentence for rape appeared for Class X exams today.

According to reports, Naveen, a native of Santhapuram was arrested two years ago in connection with a rape case. He has been lodged at the Tirupati children's prison since then.

It's known that Class X exams for the state board began today. Naveen came to Govindaraja Swamy college along with police personnel. The juvenile rape accused has already served eight months in prison.

He will be released from the jail after four months. Hope Naveen sets an example to the other inmates too so they can lead a normal life after their release.


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