Warangal By-election: Who will the voters pick?

Warangal By-election: Who will the voters pick? - Sakshi Post

Warangal: With the vitriolic campaigning in the Warangal constituency coming to an end and the chief election officer Banwar Lal asking all the non voters to leave the constituency limits once the campaigning came to an end on Thursday at 5PM, the Warangal Lok Sabha constituency now looks geared up for the election day on 21st of November.

A total of 23 candidates are seeking election from this constituency. The ruling TRS Party has fielded Pasunuri Dayakar. The candidate from the Congress Party is Sarve Satyanarayana and of the BJP-TDP combine is Pagidipati Devayya. The YSRCP Party's candidate is Nalla Suryaprakash while the leftist parties have fielded Gaali Vinod kumar among others.

The total voters in Warangal constituency are 14,71,920 with 7,33,412 male and 7,38,367  female voters. The campaigning so far has seen political parties taking pot shots at each other and candidates indulging in one-up-man-ship.

Political analysts are finding it hard to elicit voter response or make predictions and have left it to the election result day to let matters unfold. The answer to the question Who will the voter pick? may still be anyone's guess. The recent Bihar election results have also thrown a spanner into the works of predicting election results, giving all the parties a cause for concern, especially the ruling TRS party.

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