The Officer Who Unfurled the Indian Flag In The Morning And Lay Draped In It That Afternoon

CRPF Commandant Pramod Kumar - Sakshi Post

Srinagar: The officer unfurled the flag early on Monday at 8:29 AM, saluted it and sang the national anthem along with the contingent that was assembled there. He addressed them thereafter and spoke passionately on being a patriot. A couple of hours later he lay dead with the Indian flag draped over his body.

Pramod Kumar, of the 49 Battalion of the Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF), was killed after four militants hurled a grenade and opened fire at a security patrol in an old city area of Srinagar on Monday.

Barely moments after the Independence Day assembly at the Deputy Inspector General’s office in the Karan Nagar area of Srinagar, news about few terrorists launching an attack in Nawatta area, just three kilometers away, reached them.

Commandant Pramod Kumar led a small battalion to counter the attackers. While a bullet from his gun put down one of the terrorists, he himself fell to a bullet from the other attacker that pierced his neck. The commandant slipped into a coma shortly after that.

Though he was shifted to the hospital in Srinagar immediately, the doctors were not able to save his life. Pramod Kumar died on the afternoon of the 70th anniversary of India’s independence.

A martyr in the line of those great souls who sacrificed their lives for our freedom, Commandant Pramod Kumar is survived by his wife Neha Tripathi, a 7-year-old daughter Aarna and 63-year-old father.

The mortal remains of the brave officer were transported by a special aircraft from Srinagar to Jamtara in Jharkhand. He will be cremated on Tuesday in his native village Mihijam.

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