Thai Woman Marries 11 People And Flees With Their Money

Jariyaporn Buayai(32) with one of her husbands - Sakshi Post

Bangkok: A woman from Thailand married 11 men in a period of two years and vanished with their money which she took as dowry from them as a part of Thailand tradition.

From each husband she collected 5-6 thousand dollars and would make excuses to escape from the husband. According to the Thai police, the woman Jariyaporn Buayai(32) would befriend a man on Facebook. Later she would meet the man and develop physical relation with him. She then would convince him to marry her. After getting the dowry from the man during the marriage, she would run away with the money. The police called her 'The Runaway bride.'

The woman would make stories that her family's fruit business was in loss and asks the men to join the business by investing in it.

Pirat Puengsuk(28), one of the husbands claimed that he gave 30,000 dollars as dowry and a Toyota truck. He also said that he left his job after she asked him to join in her fruit business. After receiving the dowry, she fled in the Toyota truck, he said.

Similarly, she married 11 men and fled away with all the money. Shockingly, the woman married seven in men in the month August.

The police registered a case after one of the husbands posted on his Facebook about the running bride. The police on investigation arrested her and the original husband as she made money over 90,000 dollars. However, the woman has not confessed to crime, she told the police, that the men invested the money in their fruit business.

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