Tension in TRS over August 20 deadline

Tension in TRS over August 20 deadline - Sakshi Post

August 20 is just another day and date for the rest of the world. But it is one of immense significance for the TRS and its supremo KCR, who has set it as the deadline  for the formation of a separate Telangana state.

The Centre also might find itself in a bit of a bother if the Telangana agitation rears its head with the TJAC planning to get into the act. With the Centre maintaining a stoic silence on the subject, there is palpable tension in the TRS leadership and its supporters.

Speaking at a meeting organized at the Acharya NG Ranga Agricultural University in connection with Telangana ideologue K Jayashankar's birth anniversary and former TNGO president K Swami Goud's retirement, KCR proclaimed that if the Centre was not ready to keep its promise of giving statehood to the Telangana region as per its December 9, 2009 announcement, it should once again get ready to face the Telangana heat in the coming days.

He had also set August 20th as the deadline for the Centre to act on Telangana. He warned that if the demand was not met, the agitation for separate statehood would be stepped up.

The TRS leaders have all along been saying that the TRS president had got "signals" about the formation of Telangana from Delhi. But as the deadline is getting closer, the leaders seem to be shying away from the media. It is obvious to all that there were no indications or ‘signals’ from the government on the Telangana issue. Worse, no special discussions are likely to be held on the issue in the parliament either. All these developments put the TRS in a tight spot as it has been claiming to be the sole champion of the Telangana cause.

The question that is uppermost in people’s minds is what will KCR do after August 20 if the Centre refuses to spell out its stand on Telangana?

KCR is trapped between the devil and the deep sea—if he intensifies the agitation, there is no guarantee that the UPA government would be coming out with an announcement on Telangana. If he does not the loss of face he is likely to suffer is all too apparent.

To start with, he plans to hold a meeting with MLAs and other party leaders later this month. Rao plans to organize a joint meeting of the party's politbureau, MLAs, district unit presidents and other party functionaries on August 24, 25 and 26. Whether this will help him steer the course of the party ship to secure a separate state is anybody’s guess at this stage.

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