Telugu States Reel Under Heatwave; Temperatures May Rise Further This Week 

Temperature in Hyderabad will rise by 2-3 degree Celsius than normal for next three days - Sakshi Post

Hyderabad: With the heatwave conditions already roasting people of Telangana and Andhra Pradesh are expected to prevail for the next three days, people are forced to stay indoors. The temperature in both the states have risen to 41 degrees Celsius.

The Indian Meteorological Department(IMD), Hyderabad issued an alert that the day temperatures will rise by 2-3 degree Celsius than normal for next three days. The Department asked people to stay under cover due to the heatwave conditions.

Many places in the city have recorded highest temperatures. Medak and Adilabad districts in Telangana and Anantapur, Kurnool and Nandyal in Andhra Pradesh have recorded 41 degrees. The coastal districts seemed to be cool due to its hot and humid weather conditions. Vishakapatnam recorded 31 degrees while Vijayawada recorded 37 degrees temperature and the state capital Hyderabad recorded 40.5 degrees. The officials of Meteorological department said that Hyderabad's temperature will rise to 41 degrees by the weekend.

"Since March 19, there has been no weather system (trough or cyclonic circulation) along the sea coast. Usually, these systems help bring the temperature down by pulling over cloud cover. But, in the last two weeks there has been a lull in such activity," said Dr K. Naga Ratna, a scientist with the weather department.

Due to the rise in temperature, the wild animals are entering into human habitations from forest in search of food and water. The water ponds in Seshachalam and Nallamala forests have already dried due to the intense heat and lack of rainfall last year. The forest officials have arranged water ponds all over the forests to prevent the animals from entering into the nearby villages in search of water.

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