Telugu people being divided : Chandrababu

Telugu people being divided : Chandrababu - Sakshi Post

“Telugu people are being divided”, said TDP president Chandrababu Naidu on Tuesday, finally, taking a stand on the issue of state bifurcation.

Naidu said that some constitutional violations are taking place in the process  of bifurcation. 

“Existing practices related to the nature of state bifurcation were not being followed," he added. 

“The problem is not just related to Andhra Pradesh, but to the entire country. Men in power should not behave in such a manner. If  sentiments of people are hurt, it will lead to serious consequences in future”, said the TDP supremo.

He said that the integrity of the country had fallen in danger with the present attitude of the central government.

He also blamed the Congress for dividing the state just to get some political mileage in the next general elections.

“The problem would not have arisen if the process had taken place in a systematic way”, said Naidu.

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