SCR Develops RAIL BOT Hospital Assistant

RAIL-BOT for patient care   - Sakshi Post

HYDERABAD: South Central Railway (SCR) developed a RAIL BOT Hospital Assistant which can assist the hospital management inwards to provide medicines, medical accessories, and serving food to the patients. It can also measure the body temperature of the patients whenever needed. The robot can be operated through a unique mobile application supported by the WiFi facility. It holds sensor-based features to read the body temperature of patients and transmit the same for display on the mobile phone and is capable of raising an alarm in case of any abnormal high in temperature readings.
Salient Features of RAIL BOT Hospital Assistant

  • It has a lamp and night vision cameras. Because of this, it can also serve in areas where there is no power.
  • It can go up to one kilometre per hour.
  • It can carry more than 80 kgs.
  • It can work for 7 hours non-stop in one full charge.
  • It also speaks to people.and has the recording capability.
  • With the help of cameras, one can track where the robot is going. The team can send the robot to places, wherever they want to.

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