Deposit Third Weapon For Self-Protection To Police: CP Anjani Kumar

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HYDERABAD: Following the provisions of the Arms (Amendment) Act, City Police Commissioner Anjani Kumar on Monday asked people who have three weapons for self protection to deposit the third one as only two weapons are allowed.

He also said that people can sell their third weapon within a year.

“For self protection now, maximum two weapons are allowed. Anyone having third weapon has to deposit the same. One year permission is given to sell the third weapon,” Anjani Kumar said in a tweet on Monday.

The Union government made amendments to Section 3 of the Arms Act 1959, bringing down the limit of three weapons per person to two. The existing limit of three weapons was introduced in 1983 via amendments to the Arms Act.

New Arms (Amendment) Act had come into force in December last year with President Ram Nath Kovind giving his assent to a Bill cleared by Parliament to help the government in controlling proliferation of illegal arms and ammunition in the country.

The Act provides for enhancement of period of arms licence from three years to five years and issuance of arms licence in its electronic form for rationalising and facilitating the licensing procedures for use of firearms by individuals as well as to curb crimes committed by using illegal firearms.

The Act bans the manufacture, sale, use, transfer, conversion, testing or proofing of firearms without a license. As per the amendment, even the punishment for offences under the act has been increased to between seven years and life imprisonment, and a fine.

Previously, the punishment for offences under the act was between three to seven years, along with a fine.

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