Traffic Jams Return To Hyderabad Roads As COVID-19 Lockdown Curbs Eased 

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HYDERABAD: With the Telangana government allowing conditional relaxations and lifting some COVID-19 lockdown curbs, Hyderabad is back to being busy as traffic jams were reported in several parts of the city on Saturday, May 9.

The government has lifted some restrictions permitting operations of certain shops and other industries.

Hyderabad city police have also opened a few of the flyovers to avoid traffic congestion. Traffic signals which were non-operational for nearly a month and a half due to the lockdown which is being enforced since March 25, are back to life to guide the traffic.

Police are also taking strict action by imposing fines on people who come out of their homes without a valid cause.

As the state government has given certain conditional relaxations to IT companies, and construction sector companies in red zones, police are permitting only those persons who show a special pass in these sensitive zones, leading to huge traffic congestion in these areas.

However, in some places, traffic signals were not operative, which became the reaons for huge traffic jams. Consequently, some motorists were seen driving on the wrong side.

Police have urged people to avoid coming out of homes without a valid reason.

With 10 new reported cases, the total number of coronavirus cases in Telangana has rose to 1,133 as of 8 am on May 9, according to Ministry of Health and Family Welfare. Among the total people infected as on date, 700 have recovered and 29 have died of the dreaded disease.

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