KTR Says, My Real Colours Are Coming Out!

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HYDERABAD: Telangana IT Minister K Taraka Rama Rao stays active on social media and interacts with the people through Twitter. KTR responds to the tweets and reaches out to the people who are in need and at the same time, he makes many laugh out loud with his funny and satirical tweets.

A person by name, Surya Hari Kumar took to his Twitter and tweeted that he observed KTR with gray hair in a couple of events and told that he got a feeling that KTR is becoming old which he can’t digest. KTR reacted to the tweet and tweeted that, “My real colours coming out I guess... Thanks for the concern brother.”

It is all known knowledge that KTR has community lunch with the sanitation and entomology staff and Disaster Response Force (DRF) employees of GHMC. A couple of days ago, he paid a visit to GHMC'sDisaster Response Force (DRF) training centre near Sanjeevaiah Park and inquired about how everything is going on.

He thanked everyone for their continuous services and also appreciated the efforts of GHMC staff. He told that they are playing a key role in the combat against the spread of COVID-19 and their work is equivalent to that of medical staff and the police personnel.

KTR told GHMC employees to take precautionary measures while performing their duties. He appealed to the workers to explain to their neighbours, the importance of social distancing and hygiene to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

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