COVID-19: Now, Telangana Makes Face Masks Compulsory

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HYDERABAD: Stung by the Sircilla Rajanna district case where a person not exhibiting any known symptoms tested positive for Coronavirus, the Telangana government quickly swung into further preventive steps. As a consequence, it has made wearing of face masks compulsory for all the people of the state whenever they venture out of their homes. People should also wear the masks while talking to each other and in closed spaces.

The Health, Medical and Family Welfare Department of  Telangana, in an order on Friday, stated that this decision was based on the learning that some infected people do not show any symptoms and are still potential carriers of the infection with a high probability of transmitting it to others.

The government in its order stated that the earlier advisory of ‘Masks only for the sick’ is now being updated to ‘MaskOn’ while stepping outside.

Citing the studies conducted in Japan, which showed a decline in the spread of Coronavirus, the health department stated in its order that wearing masks especially homemade and cotton double-layer reusable masks are recommended for use as the first line of protection.

With this, Telangana joins a fast-burgeoning list of states which have already made face masks a must for its peoples. Delhi, Punjab, Maharastra, Rajasthan and Odisha are these states that made wearing masks compulsory for people when they are stepping out of their houses.

In Telangana, 471 cases of COVID-19 have been reported so far while 12 persons died, succumbing to the dreaded virus.

The Telangana government’s key decision over masks follows the case of a person asymptomatic to Coronavirus testing positive for the virus during a second medical examination. The incident was reported from the temple town of Vemulavada in Rajanna Sircilla district. The man incidentally was among the Delhi returnees to the town.

He remained asymptomatic until his second medical examination which revealed the dreaded truth that he is infected with the virus.

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