Eat Chicken, Eggs And Citrus Fruits: KCR

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HYDERABAD: Telangana Chief Minister K. Chandrashekar Rao in a meeting told that it is good to consume chicken and citrus fruits which are quite important to increase the immunity levels.

With this announcement, the prices of chicken, eggs and citrus fruits increased. In his meeting, KCR asked the marketing department to stop the export of local variety of oranges and ordered that they should be sold in the local markets.

D. Sudhakar of the Poultry Federation said that due to the fear of coronavirus, drivers are not willing to deliver the stocks within the city and this has resulted an increase in the price. He further added that it will take a couple of months to get back to normalcy. Since there is a gap between the demand and supply, there is an increase in the prices of chicken and eggs.

Earlier, KTR and other ministers also said that rumours created on chicken and eggs by linking it with coronavirus were baseless. KTR also told that “Not only chicken, even mutton, fish or any other meat will not be affected by coronavirus. In India, we cook food at high temperature and under such conditions, no virus will survive in the food.”

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