COVID-19: 11 Cured Will Be Discharged On Monday; KCR Comes To Farmers’ Rescue

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Telangana: The Chief Minister of Telangana had reassuring news for its people as he brought some good news in the  panic lockdown. CM KCR said that 11 people had tested negative and will be discharged on Monday after fullfilling all the formalities.Now, Telangana has 58 Positive cases of COVID-19. One death has been recorded and one case has been cured and discharged from the hospital. As of today there are 25937 people under home-quarantine.
KCR said that if the state does not report any new cases henceforth, all existing patients will be discharged by April 7.
He reassured the farmers stating that the state govt will buy every grain and every kilo of paddy  that farmers will harvest this season. Purchase will be decentralised and market yards will be closed to avoid the spread of the virus
The procurement of paddy amd other farm produce will be taken up through a coupon system and based on the coupon numbers.
In this context, the Chief Minister appealed to the farmers not to rush to the centers and instead come only on the dates mentioned in the coupons.
Vehicles being used for essential services should be allowed into villages without any hindrance and also
directives were issued to collectors that vehicles transporting essential goods are allowed entry into the state from outside.
Committees should be formed at district, Mandal and village levels to monitor the movement of goods.
Cheif Minister also categorically sated taht who are hold up in the state will be taken care of in every aspect.They will be given 12 kg rice per head and those who don't have ration cards Rs 500 will be given.
In this context, CM stated that nobody in the state should starve at any cost.
The government is also initiated an effort to create a pool of doctors,medical technicians, paramedical staff to meet every eventuality to combat coronavirus in the state. Chief Secretary also issued an advertisement in this regard.
He advised people to consume fruits rich in vitamin C to boost one's immunity.

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