In a view of coronavirus outbreak, some villages from the state are taking preventive measures to tackle the spread of the pandemic. Villagers are closing the borders of their villages with barricades, thorn-bushes and heavy vehicles like tractors across the roads. This is being done as a measure to not allow outsiders into their village as a part of lockdown in the state. They have also been warning outsiders not to enter into their village.The villagers took this step to self isolate themselves from outsiders.

So far the coronavirus cases in Telangana rose to 39. Telangana announced the lockdown of the entire state until March 31. Meanwhile, Telangana chief minsiter K Chandrashekhar Rao said that if people violate the curfew implemented in the state he would be forced to take action. He also appealed to the people to ensure that the situatuion shouldnt get out of hand.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi also announced that the lockdown will continue for three weeks in the country.

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