No Passengers At RGIA Airport For The First Time Since Inception

Rajiv Gandhi International Airport - Sakshi Post

Telangana: The Shamshabad RGIA Airport, which usually is bustling with a lot of national and international travelers, carried a deserted look on Wednesday. The airport was closed after services were shut down due to the nationwide lockdown that was executed to bring deadly novel coronavirus under control. Only freight flights are currently functional. This is the first time that services have been terminated at the Shamshabad International Airport. Darknesses have overshadowed the usually lit airport as airlines were asked to stop its services.

The vehicle parking area, depot and arrival terminals have been closed for now. This is the first time an event of this sort has happened since the opening of Shamshabad Airport in 2008. This has never happened before while Begumpet Airport was in function as well.

The Center has canceled international flights from midnight on the 22nd of this month as part of the Center's initiatives to curb the coronavirus epidemic. However, as the number of Corona patients have steadily been increasing, domestic flights have also been canceled completely since the midnight of Tuesday.

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