HYDERABAD: Whoever said that ‘necessity is the mother of invention’, it sure appears very appropriate for the current scenario around the world amid the Coronavirus scare. Official machinery and authorities are not only strictly enforcing preventive curbs even at the cost of normal life but they are even becoming inventive in their initiatives.

In one such instance, the Karimnagar Municipal Corporation (KMC) has hit upon the idea of using the drone-technology to spray disinfectants within its limits. Karimnagar already figures prominently on the map of Coronavirus spread in the wake of nine Indonesians, who visited this place, testing positive for the dreaded COVID-19.

Seeing the gravity of the situation, the KMC is leaving no stone unturned to contain the further spread of the virus in the town. As part of it, the corporation has started using ‘Marut’ drones to spray disinfectants during the night times.

Interestingly, the KMC is, in the process, coincidentally emulating countries like China, South Korea and Italy which are also using drones to combat the pandemic.

So, all the Karimnagar folks, if you spot any bumble bee-like objects flying low in your vicinity or you are disturbed in your sleep by their mild noises, please don’t be scared. They are your civic body’s most trusted tech gadgets to sanitise your area and keep you safe.

As a matter of abundant caution, the drones are leaving no public place uncovered – right from bus stops and roads to parks and railway stations. The government authorities also have a reason to choose the night time for spraying disinfectants.

As some people are trooping out into the streets during the day time in their frantic search for essentials, the KMC is obviously in no mood to risk the public health.

The drone tech for spraying and sanitizing has initially been started in Karimnagar and will subsequently be replicated in other towns of Telangana.

The state government has proposed this idea as using drones can effectively reduce the risk to health workers who spray these disinfectants, and also for the fact that it operates 50 times faster than any other traditional spraying methods.

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