HYDERABAD: A 60-year-old Bahraini national was arrested here on Monday for allegedly raping a 25-year-old woman after confining her in a rented house, police said.

The retired male nurse had confined her to the house since February 25, raped her and burnt her feet with cigarretes when she resisted his attempts, police said. He had checked into a hotel at Nampally area some time back and contacted a local, saying he wanted to marry a woman from the city, which the latter agreed to arrange.

The man called up the woman and her elder sister on February 25 under the pretext of getting their house sold to a person and called them to his residence, where he introduced them to the Bahraini, who offered to marry any one of them.Both women refused and left the place.

He then persuaded the local and his wife to try and convince the younger woman to accept his hand in marriage.The woman, without her sister's knowledge, went to a house where the Bahrani again made his marriage offer, which she turned down, following which he raped her, police said.

Her sister, who was under the impression that her sibling had gone to meet her son at her in laws house, enquired with the couple on February 27 about her whereabouts, but they said they did not know where she was.The woman and her brother went to the couple's home on February 29 and got the address where the Bahraini was staying.

On reaching there, the man informed them that the couple had sold their sister to him. The siblings rescued their sister and filed a police complaint on March 1, following which the Bahraini was arrested, police said. A hunt is on to trace the couple, who are now absconding, police said. (PTI)

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