Coronavirus Alert Hyderabad : Three Suspected Cases In Nallakunta

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HYDERABAD: Coronavirus virus is now spreading around the world from China, and  3,000 people have so far been infected with the disease. Now the virus even started spreading in the city of Hyderabad.  Three suspected cases of Coronavirus infection have been identified and all the there were admitted to the Fever Hospital in Nallakunta in Hyderabad. However, the symptoms of coronavirus have not yet been confirmed. The hospital management has kept all the three in isolated wards. Their blood samples were sent to the Pune Virology lab, for testing the samples.

According to the reports, Amarnath Reddy (25) who has recently returned from China to Hyderabad, was hospitalised on Saturday night after he had complained of uneasiness. Along with Amarnath two other similar cases were admitted on Sunday. The three of them were kept in separate rooms and monitored by doctors. Hospital superintendent Dr. K Shankar said, "We have collected the blood samples of the three persons and sent them to Pune Virology lab, for confirmation." The results are expected to come on Monday.

Indian airport authorities conducting special screening for passengers arriving from China to other places in India. Medical experts, a person who is infected with the virus, can take a long time to identify the symptoms, and in some cases, symptoms are identified only after two weeks.

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