HYDERABAD: The Nampally court on Wednesday, January 22, has imposed a fine of Rs 7 lakh to around seventy people, who were caught by Telangana police in drunken-drive checks conducted in the last week.

The Hyderabad police have started conducting special drunk and drive checks across the city to curb road accidents and which occur due to people driving vehicles in an inebriated state.

The Telangana police conducted drunken-drive checks at various places in the state and has caught 70 people who were driving under the influence of alcohol and produced them in the Nampally court after giving them counseling.

After hearing over the case, the Court has imposed a fine of Rs 10,500 to 59 people and Rs 500 to six people, along with five days imprisonment, Rs 16,500 fine imposed to five people.

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