Rachakonda Police Arrests Chaddi Gang In Hayathnagar

Rachakonda Police Arrests Chaadi Gang In Hayathnagar - Sakshi Post

HYDERABAD: Rachakonda police on Monday (December 30) arrested near Hayathnagar, here seven members of infamous 'Chaddi Gang' involved in a series of robberies in the city. Police have also recovered 150 grams of gold, Rs 3,000 cash and 400 grams of silver from the gang.

All of them hailed from West Bengal and were residing in Akola city of Maharashtra.

Police said that the modus operandi of the Chaadi Gang members was that they would sell toys in the day and observe the families. In the night, they rob the houses which they target. The gang has robbed six houses in Hyderabad last month.

Police said that a total of 14 cases have been filed against the gang in several locations including Himachal Pradesh.

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