‘Water Bells’ A Health Reminder Initiative In Telangana Schools 

‘Water Bells’ A Health Reminder Initiative In Schools - Sakshi Post

Hyderabad: Telangana schools are introducing a drive to remind the children about their health. A different kind of bell is ringing in the schools of Telangana thrice a day to remind children to drink water.

'WaterBells', is a concept which was first introduced in Kerala as a good health practice initiative by some of its schools. Following its footsteps, Telangana and Karnataka have now decided to introduce the concept in all schools in the two states with inorder to keep children hydrated.

According to reports, Education Minister P Sabitha Indra Reddy ordered District Educational Officers in the State to implement water bells in schools. Several schools, including private and government schools, are already implementing the ‘water bell’ concept.

As per reports, Rainbow Primary School in Vanasthalipuram, Hyderabad which also recently introduced the water bell concept, is already receiving positive feedback from students and parents.

Speaking to a daily, Savitha Kamatagi, principal of Rainbow school said that,“The bell will ring twice a day to remind students to drink water. The instruction from the Education Minister came at the same time when most of the parents were complaining that their kids are not drinking enough water in school, which is resulting in unwanted health issues. So we implemented the concept."

Poor intake of water is leading to many health issues in children. Children may suffer from obesity, urinary tract infection, dehydration, irritability and poor physical performance due to water deficiency.

Water Bell is not only for the children but also a reminder for whole staff who often neglect water intake due to their busy schedule.

“We welcome the idea of implementing water bells in schools. The move will definitely boost children’s well-being since most of the students in schools, especially girls refrain from drinking enough water owing to many reasons like lack of proper toilets in schools and water scarcity. Thus, the State government has to ensure that drinking water connection is also available in all schools," Chava Ravi, general secretary, Telangana State United Teachers Foundation said to a daily.

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