HYDERABAD: Four accused involved in the heinous rape and murder of veterinary doctor Priyanka Reddy in Hyderabad have been arrested, Cyberabad Police Commissioner VC Sajjanar said on Friday.

The accused are identified as Mohammed Arif, Jollu Shiva, and Ch Chennakeshavula, all of them belongs to Narayanpet district.

Addressing reporters, Sajjanar said that the murder was pre-planned and they had deflated her scooty’s tyre and then waited to attack her.

The case will be put to the fast track court in Mahbubnagar and ensure that the accussed will get capital punishment .

Priyanka Reddy, a veterinary doctor, missing since Wednesday night was found dead next day with her charred body lying on the underpass of a National Highway in Chatanpally village, on the outskirts of Hyderabad.

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