HC Asks JAC Leaders To Hold Talks With Management Again

HC Asks JAC Leaders To Hold Talks With Management Again - Sakshi Post

HYDERABAD: The Telangana High Court ordered JAC leaders to once again hold talks with the state government over the 21 demands excluding the demand of the merger of RTC with the government. The high court has postponed the next hearing to Tuesday, 2.30 PM (October 29).

HC gave this verdict after the first round of talks between the Telangana State government and JAC unions failed on October 26.

Additional Advocate General of the Road Transport Corporation (RTC) said that RTC JAC leaders forced the management to hold the talks over all the demands including the merger of Telangana State Road Transport Corporation (TSRTC) with the state government and JAC leaders denied to discuss over the 21 demands as suggested by the HC and left the meeting abruptly.

Responding to this, HC asked the Telangana Joint Action Committee unions why they didn't discuss over the 21 demands excluding the merger demand.

The High Court urged trade unions to ignore the merger demands and discuss over the rest 21 demands which will not have huge burden on the TSRTC, otherwise both the RTC employees and people will be facing problems.

The High Court has questioned the JAC leader how the merger of RTC is possible overnight to state government.

On the other hand, TSRTC JAC advocate Prakash Desai said that RTC officials had misinterpreted the High Court's directives in the negotiations. RTC officials say that they will discuss only 21 demands and that they will not discuss other demands.

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