HC Serious On Police Over Shine Hospital Fire Accident Case 

HC Serious On Police Over Shine Hospital Fire Accident Case - Sakshi Post

Hyderabad: The High Court expressed outrage over police officials for filing 304 (A) bailable case against the persons involved in the Shine hospital fire accident case. A child had died due to the negligence and improper maintenance of Shine hospital staff and doctors.

Shine Children’s Hospital’s managing director and other staff members were arrested by the LB Nagar police for neglecting the conditions in the hospital that caused the fire accident in the hospital that in-turn had resulted in the death of an infant and burns to four other children on October 21.

The high court which started hearing about the case on Saturday, October 26 expressed its outrage on the police for just filing the 304(A) bailable case against the accused. As a result of the court order, section 304A Telangana police converted Section 304(A) to 304 Part 2, and the accused were sent to remand.

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