Collapse Rumours Untrue, The Truth Behind Cracks On Uppal Metro Station

Collapse Rumours Un-true, The Truth Behind Cracks On Uppal Metro Station - Sakshi Post

The Hyderabad L&T Metro Rail had a tough time this week dealing with many on the social media sharing rumours of the Uppal Metro Station being on the verge of collapse. On questioning the authorities from the Hyderabad L&T Metro Rail, we now get to know the actual reason behind the cracks being so visible and why.

While the whole city was in a state of shock to see huge cracks on the surface of the Uppal Metro Station, we at Sakshi Post dug in to see what was actually going on. After an Interaction with the media cell of the HMRL, it is learnt that those cracks were not indicative of a weak structure. According to HMRL little cracks had formed on the surface of the metro station that was causing water seepage. To find out the depth of the crack, hey had chipped the cement on both sides of the crack. This would later be covered up and painted over.

Here is what the Hyderabad L&T Metro Rail said in a statement to Sakshi Post:

“First of all, there are no cracks at all on the structure of Uppal Metro station or others. The structures are fully intact. There are few surface cracks on the wall joints causing water sweating, which our engineers are personally opening up and re-grouting. However, the superficial surface cracks identified are being refilled immediately.

Multiple Taskforce teams of L&T has been formed to identify areas where refilling needs to be done. The engineers are regularly checking all stations and working during night time with boom lifts & other equipment w/o obstruction to traffic.”

So it turns out that the Metro at the end of the day was looking out for our safety and it backfired with a viral rumour.

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