Hyderabad Traffic Police Catch Motorist With 73 Pending Challans   

The Hyderabad Traffic Police holding the list of challans - Sakshi Post

Chikkadpally: With the Telangana Government disagreeing to MV act, many motorists of Hyderabad breathed a breath of fresh air as they were relieved that they did not have to pay the exorbitant amounts. But that hasn’t stopped the able Hyderabad Traffic Police from doing all they can to ensure discipline and safety on the roads of Hyderabad.

The traffic police have been doing their regular checks at many locations of Hyderabad, getting motorists to pay up pending challans to have a challan free and legal driving authority. The Chikkadpally Traffic Police had recently conducted a random road check and happened to catch a man with over 73 E-challans pending on his vehicle. When it was check by the traffic police it was found that he had pending challans for many violations over the past.

In a similar incident, The Abids Police caught a man with over 64 challans to his vehicle. He was identified as sainath and had challans from 2017 that amounted upto Rs 10,000.

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