Telangana Govt Signs Agreement with New Jersey On Education And Business Opportunities 

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Hyderabad: New Jersey signed a sister state agreement with the Telangana government which included a wide range of sectors in which both the states hope to bolster public and private sector collaboration including clean tech cooperation, an official release said.

Governor of New Jersey, Phil Murphy was in Hyderabad on Wednesday to take part in Sustainable Innovation Summit 2019 organised by Indian Chamber of Commerce.

The governor said the two states would cooperate in education and business opportunities.

"The two states will further advance their relations in the fields of IT, Pharma, Life Sciences, Biotech, FinTech, Data Centers, Clean Energy, Higher Education and Tourism," it said.

On the question for the post of American President in 2020 elections, Murphy said that Indian-origin US Senator, Kamala Harris is an outstanding leader and very much qualified to run for the post of American President in 2020 elections.

Noting that there were probably 12 to 15 candidates in the Democratic Party running for the US President, he said, "many of them are very qualified and she (kamala Harris) certainly is one of them."

"I am with my state, my favourite senator Cory Booker who I think is terrific. But Kamala Harris is an outstanding leader as well," the NJ Governor told PTI when asked for his opinion on the Harris' candidature.

Harris (54), officially launched her campaign for the US presidential election in 2020 to take on President Donald Trump.

To another query on the chances of an Indian origin senator becoming the US president, the Governor said anything is possible in USA.

"The Indian community is one of the most important in America, in our democracy. So I think anything is still possible in United States," he said.

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