Suspense Continues Over Telangana’s New Liquor Policy 

Telangana’s New Liquor Policy - Sakshi Post

Hyderabad: The Telangana Government which already has completed the exercise on the new liquor policy, as the current liquor policy will be expiring by the 30th of September. The new liquor policy is expected to be released within two to three days.

Telangana Government is focussing to increase alcohol sales to gain huge profits and to drastically increase the revenue of the state as liquor is the main source of income to the state. While the current liquor policy will expire within 13 days, the government has not yet issued a notification over the new policy, which creates suspense among a lot of traders and people.

The Hyderabad district currently has 212 wine shops and 225 bars, out of which Rangareddy district has 412 wine shops and 405 bars. The new policy is likely to increase the number of wine shops all over Telangana.

The tax for liquor sales in panchayats and municipalities was fixed at Rs 45 lakh per annum in 2017–19, the government has collected 90 lakhs for two years with this. But recently there has been an increase in municipalities and corporations in Telangana which will add up to increase the income through sales this year.

In the year 2017-19, the license fee for GHMC-based wine stores was Rs.1.08 crores and for two years it was Rs.2.16 crores. And now there is a possibility of a fee hike in the business of liquor stores in these two years.

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