Telangana IT Minister KTR took to his Twitter handle to respond over the social media campaign #SaveNallamala which has been trending. KTR said that the Telangana government will not grant permission for uranium mining in Nallamala forest and the AMD was only testing to see if there was uranium in the forest. KTR further added that Chief Minister KCR is a big nature lover and won't allow mining in Nallamala.

KTR also reminded people that the excavation permit was issued by the Congress in 2009 and now was taken forward by BJP. KTR promised to discuss the issue with Chief Minister K Chandrashekhar Rao and make an official resolution over this. KTR said that they were going to do the same while responding to questions posed by several members of the uranium mining team during Sunday's Legislative session Questionnaire.

Actor-politician and Jana Sena Party (JSP) President Pawan Kalyan expressed his solidarity with congress leader Hanumanth Rao's 16-member panel over anti-uranium mining committee.

KTR expressed his anger at the opposition party leaders and alleged that they were trying to gain publicity from the issue.

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