Whenever it rains in Hyderabad or any part of the country for that matter, the fares of cab hailing apps like Ola and Uber go through the roof. The explanation for this is that there are fewer cabs because of showers. How credible an answer this is only these aggregators can explain. But surge pricing is a common reality which users are hit with on a daily basis. At times, it is the rush house pricing which these cab hailing aggregators drive abnormally high, while at other times, a few showers come in handy for the same phenomenon.

A ride which would normally cost around Rs 150 could go as high as 400 plus under such circumstances. A question which is asked frequently by passengers is whether this is justified. Ola and Uber alone can answer this question because there is no government agency as such which controls them. And as of now, they have a near monopoly over the market. The question a passenger posed to Ola, Uber through us the other day is a valid one. He said, do these aggregators assume that our pockets swell each time it rains or when the roads are clogged with traffic during rush hour?

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