Hyderabad: There has been a steady decline in the prices of chicken and eggs observed in the two Telugu states since last week. The prices of chicken have dropped to Rs. 160 from Rs 280 (last month) and egg prices from Rs 5 to Rs 4.25.

Exporters are attributing the decline in prices to the impact of Sravana Masam, the auspicious month for Hindus. People avoid consuming non-vegetarian food during Sravana masam as it is a holy month as per Hindu religion. Most of the people particularly women perform pujas and offer prayers.

On Sundays about 70 lakh kgs of chicken are being consumed across the two Telugu states, but now it fell down to half the consumption. The two main reasons for a drop in price is Sravana Masam and heavy production, and conversely, less demand.

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