This Bangle Can Save Women In Danger

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Hyderabad: In a bid to make women feel more safe, a Hyderabadi has come up with a unique solution in the form of a ‘smart’ bangle.

Gadi Harish, aged 23, along with his friend, Sai Teja, has invented a bangle which generates shock and sends live location and warnings to relatives and police if a woman is in danger.

The device, ‘Self-Security Bangle for Women’ is activated when a woman tilts her arm at a particular angle. The tilt action gives an electric shock to the aggressor holding the woman’s arm and at the same time, sends its live location and alerts to relatives and nearby police stations, a news agency reported.

“I have developed a project named self-security bangle for women, this device is completely different from the devices available in the market. I have developed this project with the help of my friend, Sai Teja,” Harish said.

"If someone attacks the woman wearing the bangle she'll have to tilt her hand in a certain angle which will automatically activate the device and give electric shock to attacker," he was quoted saying.

He says that with the innovative tool, he wants to make women feel safer as he's observant that there is a rise in the number of rape and missing woman cases.

As the prototype is ready, Harish now appeals to the government for assistance to complete his project.

Recently, Bharti Airtel in collaboration with FICCI Ladies Organisation (FLO) launched a mobile app, My Circle, to help women in case they face any problem or a panic situation.

The application is carrier agnostic which would work on phones with any telecom service network, both Airtel and non-Airtel, and is available in 13 languages.

A woman in distress can send an SOS alert by pressing the SOS prompt on the app. It can also be activated by voice command through Siri on iOS, said the statement, adding that the voice activation through Google Assistant will soon be available on Android devices also.

The app would instantly send the SOS alert along with the user's location over SMS to the five contacts selected by the user and advise them to immediately reach out or respond to the emergency situation.

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