Bengal Tiger Dies At Hyderabad Nehru Zoo Park

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Hyderabad: A white male Bengal tiger aged about 21 years and six months, had breathed its last at the Nehru zoological park in Hyderabad on Wednesday. The Tiger was said to have been suffering from lameness due to old age and was kept away from display as well.

The last three days of the tiger were spent in intensive care, at the summer house. A team from college of veterinary science, Rajendranagar, LaCONES, CCMB and zoo conducted the autopsy and confirmed that the death was due to 'senility-induced asphyxia'.

Recently a 5 year old Asiatic lion also died in the zoo. The lion died due to multiple organ failure at Nehru Zoological Park in Hyderabad on Saturday. He was suffering from paralysis and was being treated for the past 12 days.

The lion, Jeetu, had his hind legs paralysed and was unable to stand since July 8. He was born on May 2014 to Asiatic lions Atul and Jyothi.

Officials said that he was under intensive care treatment at Summer House area of the park.

The zoo administration had sought the opinion of veterinarians for Jeetu's treatment, but he could not be saved.

His post-mortem report revealed that multiple organ failure and lesions were the cause of his death. Samples were collected and sent to Veterinary Biological and Rech Institute and another veterinary college to confirm the cause of death.

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