Haritha Haram: GHMC To Plant Rs 3.13 Worth Saplings In Hyderabad

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Hyderabad: In view with the green initiative that many countries and states have ben taking up, to bring balance to the earth’s eco system. The Greater Hyderabad Municipal Coorporation (GHMC) has marked out 3,084 locations to carry out this planting spree, and 13 lakh saplings to be distributed for free. This is being done as part of year’s Haritha Haram.

The GHMC has identified 1729 acers of land among the 3,084 locations to plant Saplings worth Rs 3.13 Crore. Departments including Hyderabad Metro-politan Development Authority and State Housing Board Corpo-ration will plant 70 lakh saplings. GHMC will plant 95,000 saplings in LB Nagar zone, 65,000 in Charminar zone, 79,600 in Khairatabad zone, 85,250 in Serilinampally, 1,01,050 in Kukatpally zone.

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