Nizamabad Man Win Rs. 28.4 Cr Dubai Lottery

Nizamabad Man Win Rs. 28.4 Cr Dubai Lottery - Sakshi Post

Fortune smiles in unexpected ways, as it did in the case of Vilas Rikkala of Jakranpally in Nizamabad. A small farmer, Vilas went to Dubai in search of livelihood one and a half months ago and returned to India after failing to secure a job. Vilas, who had worked as a driver in Dubai in the past, had been buying the famous lottery there regularly for two years. Though he currently lives in Hyderabad, he has not given up on his habit of buying lottery tickets and this seems to have paid off.

Vilas borrowed Rs. 20,000 from his wife and asked his friend in Dubai, Ravi to buy lottery tickets for him. Ravi did as told and bought three tickets in the name of Vilas. Lo and behold! He struck the jackpot with a winning ticket bagging $4.08 million or INR 28.4 crores. Vilas and his family members are over the moon. He has two daughters, Himani, an Intermediate student and Manasvini, a student of eighth grade. Gulf News featured the story of this Nizamabad man's serendipitous fortune.

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