38 Pc Deficit Rainfall In Telangana, Says IMD

38 Pc Deficit Rainfall In Telangana, Says IMD - Sakshi Post

Hyderabad: Telangana has witnessed a 38 per cent deficiency in rainfall this season but the state agriculture department is hopeful that the farm sector may not face a major problem in view of the forecast of normal rainfall in August and September.

According to the Meteorological Centre of India Meteorological Department (IMD) here, the state received 199 mm of rainfall cumulatively between June 1 and July 25 against the normal rainfall of 318.5 mm, a shortfall of 38 per cent.

State principal secretary (Agriculture) C Parthasarathi said the condition of rainfed crops has been good so far.

"Since the forecast is good, there may not be much of a problem for rainfed crops," he told PTI here Thursday.

Sowings for rainfed crops were on and paddy nurseries were being raised, he said.

However, heavy rainfall is needed for paddy, he said.

For Telangana projects like the Sri Ram Sagar Project (SRSP) to receive water, the catchment areas are in neighbouring Maharashtra and Karnataka, he said.

"We have to wait and see for another 15-20 days.

Assessment now would be premature. Everything is good now...

There is no symptom of any problem as of now," he said.

IMD's Met Centre official Raja Rao said the forecast of rainfall during August and September is normal.

"The forecast for August, September is normal... The loss would be made up. But, we cannot say the whole 38 per cent deficiency would be made up," he told PTI.

The southwest monsoon had hit Telangana on June 21 against the normal onset date of June 5, a delay of 16 days.

However, it had been sluggish in its impact.

Telangana and also Andhra Pradesh receive good amount of rainfall due to the formation of low pressure areas and depressions in the Bay of Bengal, he said.

But, a low pressure formed in June-end took a northwesterly direction and moved towards Uttar Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh, he said.

Had it moved in a westerly direction, Telangana would have got good rainfall, he said.

Other than that, non-formation of low pressures and depressions led to a decline in rainfall, he said.

"If they are formed, monsoon will be active," he said.

Chief Secretary S K Joshi held a meeting on Thursday with officials on weather and crop conditions, an official press release said.

It said different crops have been cultivated in 27,64,744 hectares during the current monsoon season.

The officials told the Chief Secretary that the condition of various crops, except paddy, has been satisfactory.

With rainfall expected to be more than normal during August, the area under cultivation of paddy is expected to reach normal level, the release said.

The officials also said main projects, including Srisailam, Nagarjuna Sagar, Sri Ram Sagar have not received proper inflow of water. Paddy farmers are waiting for water levels to increase (in the projects), they said.

Joshi decided to review the situation next on August 13, the release said.

Under the state government's 'Rythu Beema' crop insurance scheme, 30.92 lakh farmers have registered, according to the release.

So far, the kin of 14,705 deceased farmers (have been paid Rs 735.25 crore (Rs five lakh per farmer) under the scheme, the release added. (PTI)

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