Nizamabad Kids Die Of Suffocation After Getting Locked Up Inside Car

The kids shown lying lifeless in the car. - Sakshi Post

Nizamabad: Two children got locked in a car and suffocated to their death in Nizamabad. The Kids were aged 5 and 10, and were from Mujahed Nagar in Nizamabad.

Getting into the details, the kids Syed Riyaj (10) and Mohammaed Badruddin (5), had gone out to play on the afternoon of Tuesday. They had informed their parents about this. The children had not comeback home that evening, and the parents went on a hunt for their children and also went to the police about the missing children.

While the parents were on a look-out, the neighbor had opened the door to his car and found the children their already dead. This was taken to the polieces notice and investigations commenced. A case was registered and a probe is on.

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