Pet Adoption Drive In Hyderabad

Pet adoption drive in Hyderabad - Sakshi Post

There is no better joy in the world than to have a dog around. It’s the best companionship a man can ever have. In a perfect world, every dog would have a home and every home would have a dog. Dogs may not live as long as us, but they make moments that last for a lifetime, and even beyond. Nobody can fulfill your life better than a dog.

Dogs pets are not objects that you buy for your entertainment, they are friends you make. Money can buy a dog but not the wag of its tail. Adopt a stray that actually needs shelter and it would love you like no one else in the world.

A stray dog would love you as much as a fancy Husky or a St. Bernard would, probably even more.

At Pedigree, the leading pet food brand of Mars India we know that how good food, extra attention and loving care can change the lives of dogs – especially shelter dogs – in a big way. Our vision is to make World a better place for Pets . Driven by this mission to provide a home to each and every homeless dog and drive responsible pet ownership, Pedigree, announced the launch of a ‘Pet Adoption ’ in Hyderabad in association with Metro Cash & Carry India Pvt Ltd and People for Animals

During these 2 days in Metro Cash & Carry – Kukatpally – we expect around 25 – 30 adoptions to happen, around 800 samplings to create awareness of Pet Food and general consultation by a Veteranian and Oral care check up.

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